My life before I met Sydney was nothing short of a disaster. I was going nowhere fast!
Although, I believed that I was living a full and purposeful life and had it together. That could not have been
further from the truth.
I was empty inside, attempting each day to fill the void with numerous drugs, and alcohol. My favorite drug
at the time was Heroin.
When Sydney told me with pure confidence that “we will get over your habit of shooting up”, I knew I had
truly met someone amazing.
Someone that had my best interest in mind.
When I met Sydney, I was suffering from a crippling addiction to prescription opioids, heroin, poppy seed tea
and even steroids. All while drinking. I was feeling very sluggish and was overweight.
Not only was I suffering from my addictions, I was also suppressing creative outlets.
I had forgotten that I was an artist and craftsman, musician and writer. Those gifts had been buried inside
myself for so long.
Working and learning with Sydney has helped bring that person back out!
Sydney has taught me how to love and appreciate myself, in turn loving and appreciating everything that
there is.
She adjusted my ways of thinking about LIFE, and created a custom plan for budget, nutrition, and goals,
presented in a way she knew I would retain.
I am 40 pounds lighter than the day I met Sydney!
I’m intrigued and admire her genuine gratitude for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, no matter how big or
Working to overcome my addiction and better my life with Sydney has taught me so much. She showed me
how to heal and stay healed. She taught me how to manifest positive things in my life!
I thought I would never be able to get off the endless cycle of addiction. By choosing to follow Sydney, I was
given the chance to end my addiction to heroin, transform my circle of friends, and has made room for
healthier relationships.
I have learned I don't have to live in fear anymore.
Sydney has changed my life for the best! I feel I have purpose, the strength and the ability to continue living
a full and happy life! Choosing life is the way to go and Sydney will show you how!

Don A