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Don A.

What was your life and/or business like before you met Sydney?
My life before I met Sydney was nothing short of a disaster and I was going nowhere fast!
Although, I felt and believed I was just fine... this could not have been further from the
truth. I felt empty inside and was attempting to fill the void with drugs and alcohol.
When Sydney told me with pure confidence that we would get over the daily shooting up
and agony withdrawing, I knew I had truly met someone amazing who seemed to know I
struggle to ask for help.

What was a specific problem(s) you were facing in your life that Sydney helped you

When I met Sydney, I was suffering from a crippling addiction, primarily to opioid
prescription pills, steroids, and heroin. Not only was I suffering from my addictions, but I also
was suppressing creative outlets and was overweight.

How has Sydney helped you with your specific problem(s)?

Working to overcome my addiction and better my life with Sydney has taught me how to
self-heal and how to manifest positive things in my life!

I never believed I would be able to end my dependencies with addiction. Overcoming my
addiction has been an incredible journey and the road ahead will be filled with
temptations. But after what I have learned with Sydney, I feel I don't have to live in fear.
Sydney has changed my life for the best!

I feel I have more purpose, creativity, strength, and the ability to continue living a full, healthy life!

I know for a fact that I would be another opioid-related obituary if I had not met Sydney.

What hesitation or doubt did you have before making the decision to receive

I was my own worst enemy then, in 2019, and even though I didn't know it, I was getting in
my own way.
Sydney's calm but overwhelmingly effective ways to support has led to having bi-weekly
sessions and I couldn't be happier.

-Interview excerpt 1, January 2021-