Light Worker. Artist. Psychic Medium. Healer. Resilient.

"I had forgotten that I was an artist and craftsman, musician and writer. Those gifts had been buried inside
myself for so long.
Working and learning with Sydney has helped bring that person back out!
Sydney has taught me how to love and appreciate myself, in turn loving and appreciating everything that
there is."     -Don A. Interview Excerpt

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

Who I Am.

I have always been a Sensitive, a Psychic, and a frolicking fairy as my Higher Self. By that, it means I am awakened to the present time, here in the 3rd plane reality, while also knowing things and/or interacting with the infinite and inner consciousness and entities residing in the Spiritual frequencies around us; all of the time. (I’ve always enjoyed my alone time, as I never truly felt alone!) =)

Basically, because of these wonderous and truly under-appreciated gifts and wisdom, I was socially petrified in my younger years. So I performed, made art, and made my friends laugh.

By age 5–8, I was 100%, aware of different timelines in astral travel, and also did Spirit work in my dream state. Comfortably, in my own Theta frequencies, I never wanted to wake up, as waking up was shockingly limited. And it was very lonely seeing what I knew to be, the only one in a room of classmates so always in 2 worlds at once.

I became censored from far too early in life and especially in my own home. Nuclear American Family. Fears, regrets, and resentments.
We as children especially, retain each scene memory from others that hurt or traumatizes. We close off. Disassociate. Then by doing so, we create the Resentments and Fears that grow with us alongside our physical body and solidify our belief systems halting us as adults from moving forward.

Those unaddressed emotions without treatment can also lead to creating entities known as poltergeists, or psychokinetic manifestations. 

I know because I denied or ran away from myself and all of my gifts, for almost 20 years.
It led me NOWHERE but closer to death at my own hand.

I unknowingly allowed invisible entities to convince me that I was nothing Divine, or light-inspiring, or special.
By age 16, I was depressed and anorexic, which led me to suffer a HEART attack. I truly knew even then, that it was solely brought on by denying me of myself, an unbearable sadness, that caused this myocardial infarction. 

I did not know that this depressed and deceitful sickness was caused by unaddressed metaphysical PTSD, in the form of food addiction just the first manifestation of it. Years after anorexia subsided, I struggled with bulimia from age 17 to 30, thankful that the very rarity today is miles further in progress than I thought I could achieve back in 2006. 
I was like a heroin addict shooting a needle in their arm. Every trigger, every toxic boyfriend, another binging and gorging just to throw it all up, for over 12 years.

If you ask those who know me, they will tell you that I NEVER play the victim, nor have I EVER  had the desire to. I pray more girls and boys understand it is NOT something to be glorified for playing and pretending you are abused or a weak person, as it is glorified now especially. 
And even when I was drugged, raped, robbed, and held captive for 2 days in 2010, alone pan-handling in my home state NC, with no family or friends to help, I NEVER acted in this way. It helped save my life by responding to LIVE, and not reacting and giving myself to those wishing to take my life.

I am overwhelmed with effortless joy now, and with enough unconditional love to give the world. Now, I cry joy and weep joy, and give that feeling to others through my being in day-to-day life, as well as my work. Because that blissful joy is why I lived to be right where I am.
For those who feel pain, or confusion, or feel nothing at all, I can help that. Through my hand or physical and psychological ThetaHealing.

I want all whom I cross paths with to know me as a symbol of unfaltering and resilient HOPE, despite everything.

I want to give that to anyone who’s feeling all or any of that which I have survived —

There is nothing one cannot overcome, and I AM PROOF. If you don't believe me, then call me and let me prove it to you.

​My positive demeanor mostly came from pain. It has instilled a renewed pride in me each and every day. All of my “re-births” or awakenings with each hardship make me wiser, stronger: I feel I am always in control of my life and much faster moving now. I love what I do and how I help people.
I am starting the journey of writing my memoir now. By starting, I know I will follow through on finishing and publishing my work. 
By September 2020, I had started and registered my business, Psychic Healing By Sydney, and began receiving rewards and faster manifestation results for doing so. So, that has set me on my Divine path to connect with those who do not know me yet. I AM READY TO BE SEEN AND HEARD AS ALL OF MY TRUEST SELF.
I know now, that all of it was because my inner light is just meant to shine for myself and from myself, and shine for others who cannot.

My favorite and most powerful virtues, the ones that I've understood, have been compassion and forgiveness.

Nothing is impossible, and I am proof.

Thank you for listening.


Energy Reading Illustration


Get a professional psychic reading with a takeaway for you to bring home, with my Energy Reading Illustration. This is the developed modality I created that is unique to every client, and unique to me and my abilities. This hour session will provide you with learning your own spiritual abilities, explanation, latent, or practiced. You will know your Angels, Guides, totem animals and may ask to speak to any loved ones who've moved on. You may choose either a Future reading or a Love reading as a bonus! Here, you will be able to align your minds and souls, getting familiar with your own spirituality. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require out of my services. Get in touch with me today to see what I can do for you.

Visits to locations with paranormal activity or physical risk of harm, REACH OUT.
I am experienced and have only one commitment--- to never do harm, ever. To assess your situation, please email or call, for this delicate but important area of spiritual work. I am happy to help all things and people if I am able.

Case by Case

Whether you need answers from a departed loved one, a glimpse into your own abilities, or a glimpse into your future and love life, I am happy to do this service! I guarantee that you will feel lighter and brighter from within after we do!


Higher Healing


This is my most thorough service. During this special service, done in person or over video chat, clients will be able to communicate with their angels, ancestors, or Higher Self, all while releasing subconcious beliefs that are causing blocks from abundance in daily life. We do this by using ThetaHealing. Receive physical healings, and find peace with the world around you from within. Curious to learn more? Get in touch with me to see how you can benefit from working with me today.